In consultation with the artist, you can create your own with the artist painting with elements that you like to see in your personal work of art. This way you can have your favorite colors and show or come back on the canvas. This can be any size. We make a digital sketch beforehand so you have an idea how the work is going to look like. The artist introduces the concept than in actual size. a professional art is now within reach. 

Painting commissioned, have you ever thought to make a painter a painting commissioned? For yourself or as a gift for a close friend, family member or business associate. It is painted on the basis of clear pictures.You can think of a dear place in the place where you live or used to live, painting a portrait of someone who is dear to you, your dog, cat, horse, sailboat or oldtimer. Your favorite football player in action or a collage with a "life" of your company or business relationship.View page images of paintings that are painted on commission. There is more possible than you might think!